The kids have always loved helping me with sewing projects, and with all the down time we have while I'm nursing the baby, I thought this would be the perfect time to teach them how to hand stitch. They took to it right away! Within a day Naomi was completing her own projects start to finish, cutting her own fabric, threading needles, tying knots. Why does that not surprise me? Her first one was some hearts for me, she even signed the fabric when she was done writing Mama Papa Naomi on it. Bless her heart, she's so sweet!

Today they wanted to do more sewing during nap time and spent a couple hours whipping out some projects to give to the grandparents (Henry did a blue chicken!). I just love watching them create! When I was picking up supplies, I made sure to get a the blunt tip needles so the kids wouldn't poke themselves, the size 30 cross stitch needles worked perfectly. They have just enough of a point to get through loosely woven fabrics like linen, but are rounded and large enough they're good for kids. I foresee lots of sewing in their future!

Here's what we used:

wooden embroidery hoops (I found the smaller ones work well for toddlers!)

fabric (I like cheesecloth, burlap, linen)

cotton thread/embroidery floss

cross stitch needles


Once I set the fabric in their embroidery hoops, I showed them how to thread the floss through their needles (my six and up kids got the hang of this quickly), and then tied a knot in the end of their string to hold it once they started threading it. They picked up hand stitching fairly easily, and the more they've practiced the smaller and more precise their stitches have become. It's a great way for them to have quiet time and focus a bit on their creativity!


  1. That chicken is totally awesome ! I used to love sewing when I was little. Must remember to do it when my daughter is a bit older.


  2. this looks like so much fun!