we visited a whale museum last weekend while we were in the san juan's celebrating naomi's birthday. we surprised the kids with the news of where we were going the day before and they were soooo excited. we learned all about the local pods of orcas (some of which kenji and i saw years ago on our way up to victoria b.c. but we weren't lucky enough to spot any this trip). the kids got to touch a gray whale skeleton, hear how whales communicate, and learn how different types of pollution affect the pacific northwest. 

henry is particularly into all things nature and learning about natural history and animals is a huge part of his life. he even got upset at the whale museum because he wanted me to teach him the latin names for all of the parasitic specimens they had from whales, but akemi was getting bored and we needed to move onto something else. i promised him we would look them up and learn them at home sometime! studying parasites... sounds like fun right?

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