Things have been busy around here, but we spent an evening on the beach earlier this week and it was much needed. With everyone's schedules, routines with the kids, things that need to be done, the days can sometimes start to feel a bit monotonous. Ok, sometimes they start to feel a really monotonous. I love my daily time with the kids, but when you have a bunch of little ones at home, the whole cycle of grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, baths, etc. can start to feel old.

So when we were running an errand with just three of the kids and it happened to take us right by one of my favorite beaches and it was such lovely overcast weather out, I insisted we kick off our shoes and make a night out of it. The kids played in the sand and hunted for beach treasures (which was fun until henry found a plastic finger. the kind from halloween. it was so weird). We sat on driftwood and watched the waves roll in and then walked down the beach for fish and chips. 

It was really a wonderful evening and reminded me how important it is to forget everything once in a while and just have fun and get our feet dirty.

△ walking with my boy, he is the sweetest thing ever and was telling me so many things about the ocean


  1. Found ya via Casey's link up. What an awesome impromptu beach visit!

    And I'm with ya on the ground hog day of routine...I don't know the last time I didn't do a load of laundry!



  2. How fun. It's great to throw schedules to the side from time to time to really enjoy the day. I love that photo of Violet with her hands in the sand. So cute! Glad you all had a great time!