the kids love picking fresh blackberries during the summer and this year we're lucky to have a fair amount of them ripening right in our own yard. let me just say, they are so perfect for making pies! we've been kind of sporadic with our weekly cooking projects with the kids during the summer, but i thought this was the perfect opportunity to let them do some baking. if you have berries to use up, this is so easy. do it with your kids, they'll have a blast.

what we used:
4 mini pie pans (like these)
pie crust dough (we used 1 box of trader joes pie crustsseriously so easy!)
fresh berries (we had about 3 - 4 cups)
honey (we used about 1/4 cup)
all purpose flour (about 1/4 cup, the kids did all the measuring so these are "loose" measurements)
raw sugar for sprinkling

> preheat your oven according to pie crust directions
> rinse berries 
> toss berries in bowl with a drizzle of melted honey. add flour and stir until berries are nicely coated. set aside
> roll out pie crust and using a bowl slightly larger than your mini pie pans, cut out circular pieces of crust. give to kids so they can roll out their own little crusts and place them in their pans.
> scoop berries into pie crusts and top with another crust or whatever cut out shapes the kids want to make.
> sprinkle with raw sugar granules
> bake for about 16 minutes (we did 3 at a time in our convection oven and they were perfectly golden brown at 16 min!)
> allow to cool at least 5 minutes in pans. serve with ice cream or whipped cream... and because they're perfectly sized, you can afford to go give one to grandpa or someone else who loves pie :)

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