One of the new additions to our morning routine this year is a little felt board for the daily weather. I loved playing with felt boards that my mom would make when I was little (one of my strongest childhood memories!) and I wanted to incorporate it into our montessori style homeschooling. I made this one from wool felt (it's stronger and will hold up better with all the little hands) and an ikea picture frame. The kids love it! One day last week, we actually had sun and blue skies and then a big thunderstorm rolled in with lightening and wind and rain... needless to say the weather board looked pretty crazy that day!

Want to make one? here's what you'll need:

>wool felt in a variety of colors
>tacky glue
>1 flat ikea picture frame (i used the kind that comes with plexiglass and just popped it out - you only need the frame and cardboard backing)

Here's what i did:

glue the cardboard backing from the picture frame onto a piece of felt with about 2" extra felt on each side. cut the corners of the felt off. wrap the felt around the sides of the cardboard and glue on back with tacky glue.

secure felt covered cardboard back inside picture frame.

cut out desired letters and glue to board. 

and lastly, cut out weather shapes. (and a word to the wise... hand cutting felt snowflakes is a major pain. i'm sure there's a tool out there somewhere to make it easier but i'm not martha stewart, all i had was scissors!)


  1. Super cute! We may have to make one of these for around here.

  2. This is such a cute idea! My mom homeschooled us and although we didn't have a board like this, we did keep a weather journal with drawings and what the temps were and stuff.

  3. This is adorable! I've been wanting to make a little weather tracking station for my little guy. All the other ideas I've seen seem like they would fall/tear apart too easily. This idea is perfect. Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower and found you via Mommy Brain Mixer.


  4. This is such a great idea. I love that you can also use this for letter too. I'll have to make one soon as part of our homeschooling too. Thanks for joining in the Mommy Brain Mixer.