we spent one last warm day down at the beach a couple weeks ago and i'm just now getting around to the photos... with the chilly air outside i love remembering these longer days where the kids were wading in tide pools and soaking up the amazing world around them. nature is pretty fantastic! 

we went down to a little cove at the end of low tide and they found all sorts of little creatures (ok so the star fish was pretty big!). akemi was obsessed with a dead jellyfish and was holding the thing the entire afternoon. eventually it fell apart and she kept trying to fish it back out of the water. oh the things kids do! they found lots of crabs and naomi even had a little hermit crab race set up on the big rocks, is there anything more fun?! i love watching them explore. the fearlessness they have at holding new creatures, going new places, it's inspiring. i can't wait to go more places with these kids.

and here's hoping these memories will help me get through the next 7 or 8 months of cold weather!

this girl! she is a lover of the water! △

△ akemi's favorite jellyfish!