Henry spends many of his afternoons with his nose buried in books about all things prehistoric, and he has basically memorized every species that has ever been found in North America, so we knew had to carve out time for the La Brea Tar Pits while we were in LA recently. We spent time exploring the tar pits and then visited the Page Museum. Violet just loved the "stinky tar" and was convinced the mammoths were big elephants and she was quite worried about them. Then, in the museum, Henry was so excited when he spotted the dire wolf exhibit with hundreds of skulls he said "I've been waiting to see this my entire life!!" 
It was pretty incredible standing next to the mammoths and imagining they were walking around the exact same spot 10,000 years ago. Can you imagine?! They are massive! 
 the cutest little babe at the tar pits!

 Akemi was so excited every time she'd see a bubble pop in the tar!

△ going through life with these guys is just so much fun!

△ also, how is it possible my kids are getting so tall already?!

 the dire wolf display

  inside one of the excavation sites

△ this picture. I think it may have been a highlight of Henry's life, being hugged by a giant ground sloth.