We soaked up the warm weather over the weekend and headed to the park to celebrate our birthday girls! With Naomi and Akemi both having birthdays in June and Violet just a month behind in May, we have a lot of kids turning one year older! Let's not even think about next year when Naomi will be TEN. I'm not ready for double digits yet. They're growing up much too fast! Maybe someday they will all want their own parties but for now anyway they love celebrating them together. In fact, when Eleanor was born, Henry was so excited to finally have someone born near his birthday so he could share a party with her. He's so sweet!

We took advantage of the sunshine and dined al fresco with homemade summer sandwiches (Naomi's favorite is chicken breast with pesto and brie, so she helped me make a huge batch of those, she is amazing!) and star shaped peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the kids. And of course we had to have three cakes for our three birthday girls, and as long as Akemi's is vanilla cream, everything else is ok. That girl, she sure does love her vanilla! But the best part about summer birthdays is getting to play outside and I think the kids went through at least a gallon of bubbles while running around and eating their candy bracelets from the piñata, which sounds like a pretty good summer day to me. 

It was a fun afternoon and I know our girls felt loved!

 the cutest baby bunnies!

 △ is there anything sweeter than hugging babies?! 

 △ three little bunny cakes for our three girls