The school year is starting up again which means freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks and little ones with their backpacks marching off to preschool for the very first time. I always got the first day of school jitters when I was growing up, how about you? I've never really been a morning person, so while it's kind of fun to partake in getting new supplies for the year, I'm quite happy to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with my kids and just skip the whole first day of school thing. We typically pick up new homeschooling supplies and curriculum twice a year, depending on what we need for the semester. And since the kids' other classes don't start up until the middle of September, we're usually officially starting our homeschooling a little after everyone else goes back to school. Here are some of my favorite finds for this year!

1. I love these simple monthly planners! This year, I got one for each child so they can practice using a calendar and keeping their own schedules.
2. Even though we homeschool, we are often out and about and need to bring lunches or books with us. Each of our kids has one of these adorable back packs and they love carrying their own things!
3. These old fashioned pencil grips are my favorite. They have all these ergonomic ones now that are just too big for my little ones to hold. 
4. Natural wooden pencils. We can never have enough!
5. Colorful washi tape for all their art. 
6. A cool pencil case
7. An old school clock, perfect for the school room!
8. Goodbyn water bottles for when we're out and about.
9. Our favorite lunch boxes.
10. A globe for the little explorers.
11. Plain notebooks for daily journaling or drawing.