Our girls just love painting and were so excited to decorate this little tea set this week. We've done a few ceramic projects with them and they always turn out so cute! (like these abstract art plates and these personalized mugs) I love seeing their individual styles come out in how they paint. Naomi is a huge Van Gogh fan and I can totally see his influence in her work. Violet is obsessed with painting dots and lines these days and will tell you some are ladybugs, or wiggly worms, or scary snakes, she even said the red dots are ketchup! Akemi chose to paint a black spotted sugar dish inspired by 101 Dalmatians. I love it! 

Violet was given this little tea set as a gift, but if you are looking for something like it, here is a similar one. Or you can get your own plain dishes and use paints like these. After painting, we baked them at 350 for 25 minutes to set the paint, then turned off the heat but left them in the oven for an additional hour to cure. I'm sure there will be many colorful tea parties in our near future!