We've had an exceptionally long and rainy winter this year and sometimes it can be a challenge staying occupied with little ones on a rainy day. I'm a bit of a introvert by nature, so curling up with a stack of magazines and cup of coffee doesn't sound too bad to me, but it doesn't always fly with the ten and under crowd! Here are a few ways we keep from getting cabin fever on these dreary days.


We have some big craft bins that I fill with odds and ends from our recycle can - things like plain pieces of cardboard, plastic trays, bottle lids or round tubes. We then use art supplies like pom poms, string, stickers, wooden craft sticks, etc to glue together and make fun little sculptures. This keeps the kids busy all afternoon and I love seeing how creative they get!


Not super original, but absolutely one of my favorite past times for little ones! I set them up at the table with play dough and little wooden rollers and shape cutters and they love it. 


My kids love playing games like nature bingo and memory or spreading out a huge puzzle, especially if we know we have all afternoon to finish it! We have a few big map puzzles that we especially love.


Do you adore children's books as much as I do? I feel like we can never read enough and we always seem to have a huge stack of books checked out from the library as well! This is probably the easiest way for us to pass time on a rainy day as the kids love books.


Lazy days are perfect for curling up on the sofa with all the kids and turning on a Pink Panther marathon. Hulu has a good collection of classics to chose from!


We love art around here so it never fails that handing each kid a sketch pad and pencil keeps them busy for a while. I love giving them drawing prompts, such as "everyone draw your dream tree house" or "sketch me your very own deserted island" it's always fun to see how differently they think!


With six little ones, our house can be kind of high energy at times (ha) so sometimes the kids will pile all the pillows in the house on the living room floor and take turns jumping off the sofa into the pillows. Sure we could have an indoor trampoline but something about "making" the big pile of cushions is so fun for them!

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  1. We make pillow piles here too!