I love art in general, but there is just something about little kid art that makes my heart burst. Their pictures are so creative and bizarre and it's like a tiny glimpse into their wild childhood imaginations. I've been saving old magazines and the kids love cutting them up to add to their collages. Collage was one of my favorite mediums so I am loving doing it with the kids. The neat thing about looking at your children's art work is that it's like a window into how they perceive the world. I noticed when Henry was young he would always color himself with the darkest brown, and as he got older, he would chose the brown paper for his face when we made self portraits. As a mixed race family, I love seeing how each child views themselves differently and expresses that through their art. Here's to embracing our children's creativity!

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  1. There is something I love about children's art as well. I love having it hanging all over out house!