Sleepy Eye Linen Comforter

Linen bedding is probably one of my favorite indulgences. I fell in love with it a few years ago and wanted to make some for the babe when he was born because it's so soft and cool during the summer months. This linen duvet cover was super easy to make, even if you only have basic sewing skills! Here's how I did it.


crib sized comforter (I got the cotton one from IKEA)
several yards of cotton-linen blend fabric (you can take your exact comforter measurements to the fabric shop)
black fabric marker
piece of card stock paper
sewing machine

First, prewash your fabric to shrink it properly. 

Next, lay your fabric down on a large surface and spread the comforter on top. Cut two layers of fabric about 1/2" larger than than the comforter on all sides. 

Sew together with the right side in. I folded the edges over and then sewed them together to hide the raw edges of the fabric. Leave 1/3 of one end of the duvet cover open and hem the edges of opening. 

Turn cover right side out. 

On a piece of card stock, draw a curve for the shape of your eyelid. This is what you will trace on the fabric.

Place the card stock inside the duvet cover and position where you want the left eye. This will ensure the fabric ink doesn't soak through to the back of the duvet and also that your eyes are the same size.

Trace the eye shape and make it thicker depending on the look you want. Then freehand draw your eyelashes in. 

Move the card stock to the other side and position it where you want the right eye and repeat the drawing process. When finished, remove the card stock and heat your iron. 

Place a thin towel over the eye lids and gently iron to heat set the ink. I machine washed mine on gentle cycle with no problems. Now fill the duvet with a comforter and go give it to a cute baby!