Beach season is officially here which makes warm weather girls like myself oh so happy! It also means baring alllll the skin. So in addition to upping those work outs and finding a cute new suit, I love to throw a few extras into my skin care routine. If you haven't been introduced to collagen booty masks or dry brushing yet, this might be the summer to try! We tend to put a lot of thought into the products we use on our face, but anti aging and skin care for our bodies is important too. I've linked some of my favorite body products for great summer skin below.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream - a friend turned me onto this a few years ago and now I'm hooked. Made with guarana, cupuacu butter, and coconut oil it's loaded with caffeine, fatty, acids, and antioxidants which help smooth skin all over. Bonus that it smells amazing!

Booty Scrub - this is a super fine scrub that helps with dry skin, stretch marks, and breakouts. The perfect scrub for beach season!

Rose Quartz Body Oil - a luxurious body oil with a hint of jasmine and rose. I get compliments on what fragrance I'm wearing every time I wear this! It has a shimmer to it so perfect for hydrating before going out when you want a little glow.

Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Soap - I know it's an old household staple, but I love using this soap as a body wash! It makes the perfect lather and the tree oil is super cleansing and great for warding off breakouts.

Beautycounter Body Oil - one of my faves. Made with a blend of 13 botanical oils and a hint of citrus and rosemary, this body oil is heavenly. I love using it in my dry brushing/shower/body oil routine.

Coconut Oil - Shea Moisture is a great drugstore brand and their coconut oil is a moisturizing power house. For dry skin, I apply liberally after my shower and give it 5 minutes to soak in. Perfect for overnight hydrating during summer months!

Dry Brush - I'm big on exfoliating and detoxing so dry brushing is something I love doing as part of my daily ritual. I use both a hand brush and a long one like this for hard to reach places like the middle of my back. If you're not familiar with dry brushing, this is a great article on it.

Collagen Booty Mask - this little mask is like magic in a jar. Made with ingredients like B vitamins, collagen, and several types of clay, it nourishes and plumps in all the right places. 

image via Anese