I've always seen being selfless as one of the greatest traits someone can have. Truly some of the most influential people have lived very selfless lives serving others (hello Mother Teresa!). That said, one of the most valuable things I've learned as an adult is how to practice self love. It sounds like the opposite of being selfless, because you're putting yourself first, but really, it's not. We all have these incredible gifts and skills to offer the world and we're actually doing a service to others by showing up as our best selves. 

This has been especially important for me as a busy mama. If I don't take good care of myself, there's no way I can be there for my kids in all the ways I want to be. Learning how to be there for myself  first has helped me be better for everyone in my life. So today I'm sharing 10 ways I've learned to practice self love!


Eating well is at the top of my list for self care! There's a lot of truth in "we are what we eat" and I find that I don't feel like my best self when I'm eating certain things (cue sugar and caffeine). Plus it's easy to skip meals when you're a busy mama, so being prepared is key for me. Stocking up on healthy food makes it easier for me to grab a smoothie or throw together a salad instead of snacking on the kids' crackers. The right diet will look different for everyone, but I'm big on plant based eating, juicing, lots of green tea and water. Nourish your body so it can keep showing up for you!


It sounds simple doesn't it? But how often so we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to just be still? Take time to meditate before you start your day, close your eyes and envision the things that bring you joy in life. Or do 10 minutes of yoga. Or sit and put your feet up after a long day and read a magazine. Take deep breaths and exhale all the stresses from the day. Give yourself permission to stop and be still when you need it. 


This is a big one for me because I tend to work late and have a million things to do once the baby is asleep. But picking a time that I stop everything and allow myself to rest is really helpful (full disclosure, I break this rule a few times a week but it IS helpful to have a goal to shoot for). Finding things that help calm you and bring closure to your day are really important. For me it's helpful to go over my schedule for the next day and feel prepared, do my nightly skin care routine, and hop into bed and read for a bit. 


Moving is good for your body. Even if you're happy with your shape, being active releases endorphins and triggers positive feelings in your body and your brain. Getting back into a work out routine has helped me feel stronger and healthier but also, I really love having an hour a day I know I'm devoting entirely to myself. 


So much of life is who we spend it with. Think about the people who make you feel good. The ones who bring out the best in you, support you when you're down, who you feel excited to spend time with. Be with those people. 


I admit I spent a fair amount of my adult life focusing on what I thought I should be doing. But the truth is, you only get one life to live. We each have something incredibly unique to bring to this world. What are those things about you? How can you honor who you really are in your life more? For me this involves embracing my creativity more, because it's such an intrinsic part of who I am. What are the things that make you feel most alive and happy? Find little ways to squeeze those into your week.


There's a whole MIND BODY SPIRIT theme going on here but I firmly believe in it. Feeling good about yourself is a huge part of being able to show up as your best self. Maybe this means getting a massage or mani/pedi once a month or buying a new wardrobe now that your style is changing. Whatever makes you feel good in your skin, do it. For me its hot baths, having my nails done, and taking time for good skin care. Face masking 3 nights a week keeps me young!


I try to keep a good balance between working hard and YOLO. It's definitely important to enjoy a glass of wine and that cupcake once in a while. And by once in a while I mean every weekend. What indulgences do you love?


I think this one got especially tricky once I became a mama. It's easy to spend more of my time making others happy than making myself happy. I had to give myself permission to enjoy life more. Yes, there's always something to be done, but I work hard, I'm a good person, and I deserve to have a joy filled life. Changing that message in my head was really important for me because I always felt like there was something else I should be doing that was more important than my own happiness. It sounds simple but for a type A like myself who tends to always be working and pushing myself, this was really key. It could be little things like getting coffee at my favorite cafe with a close friend, vegging out to a show I like, dinner with loved ones every Friday, hanging up art I love, or traveling somewhere I've always wanted to go. Don't let your own happiness get put on the back burner.


Easier said than done, I know. But be gentle on yourself. You're going to fail in life sometimes. There will be bad days. Not everything will always go how you expect it to. But that's ok. Don't beat yourself up over things, don't carry regrets, don't worry too much. Repeat to yourself everyday: you're amazing, you can do this! The things you tell yourself become your inner voice so make them positive!